A True Nirvana Indeed

What’s your ideal beach? Mine would be a long-white-sandy beach, with a bit green lush on its side and a calm sparkling blue water. I find it all in Nirwana Beach, Buton.

For people of eastern Indonesia, this kind of beach might be not really special for you. As we know, the eastern part of Indonesia is blessed with so many idyllic beaches, with the white sand and a perfect sparkling blue water.

But for me, a true Jakartan girl, the Nirwana Beach really make me stunned.

Nirwana Beach is located in Betoambari District, Bau-Bau City, Buton Island in South East Sulawesi. Its only 10 minutes away from Betoambari Airport.

The beach is really beautiful, as beautiful as other beach in east Indonesia. The sand’s so white and soft, and the blue sea spread away to the horizon. There almost no wave on this beach.

Nirwana Beach, Buton

Nirwana Beach, Buton

The local called this beach a sunrise beach, because it has a stunning sunrise view. But when I visited it at noon, its still wondrous anyway.

Beach huts by the sea

Beach huts by the sea

Eventhough it is located near the airport, the Nirwana Beach is almost secluded. You can find no one in this beach, so you may call it your own private beach.

white sand, blue sky and sea: perfect!

white sand, blue sky and sea: perfect!

So, the next time you’re arrive at Betoambari Airport in Bau-Bau, don’t go to the city yet. First thing first, visit the Nirwana Beach. A true nirvana indeed.


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