Spending Night in The Border of Indonesia

What is it like to stay at the Indonesia-Malaysia border? Try coming to Entikong, a border town between Indonesia and Malaysia in West Kalimantan.

Entikong is a small village with only one major road. From the gate of Entikong to the border post is only 10 kilometers away by this road. The life of this little town centered on it.

There are only few one-star hotels in Entikong, which is usually used by tourists or bus & truck driver who could not get into the border post. The border post in Entikong is not open all day, it is only open from 07.00 am to 05.00 pm.

Therefore, the life in Entikong depends on the borders.

However, the Entikong border post is a very interesting place. It’s very green, surrounded by small hills makes the atmosphere of the area looks like in the middle of a valley. At the entrance gate, lies a tall monument where Pancasila written on it.

Entikong's Border Post

Entikong’s Border Post

Near the border post you can find Edidas Market. This market only open when the border post is open. When I visited it at 04.30 pm, most of the shops in this market has been closed.

The goods sold in Entikong is mixed product of Indonesia and Malaysia. You can find a pile of rice and gas made in Malaysia with packs of Indonesian branded oil near it.

The diversity of people who live in Entikong is also unique. The majority are Dayak people and Malay, though you can see some migrants from Java.

In the evenings, Entikong is like a ghost town. Almost the entire city was dark, the only lighting you can see is from the home that lies on the side of the road. Not all shops are closed though, several restaurants and cafes are still open. When the border post close, it also shutting down the life in Entikong.


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