Last Night in Bangkok

“Pad thai mister?”
“Cheap, cheap thai massage!”
“Laughing gas, only 100 bath and you get all the fun! Laughing gas!”
“Halo~wanna try grasshopper, mister?”


The buzzing sound of street vendor welcomed me as I step to this road. The road that known as the backpacker’s mecca. Khao San Road, Bangkok.

Its 10 pm but the road gets really crowded. Well I’ve never seen Khao San Road empty anyway. And its saturday night, lots of eurasian and american foreigner filling every bar of this road, laughing, chattering.

“Dude, what are we gonna do first? Massage?”, Mario, my bestfriend tapped my shoulder. “Oh jeez. We’ve been here three days and everyday we do the massage. Don’t you get bored?,” said Mara, the other bestfriend. I was going to agreed with her but the fatigue feeling in my feets asked me to said differently. We spent all day shopping in Chatuchak and a good massage would be very nice.

“Let’s have some massage. My feets feels so tired,” I said as we walk pass through a massage vendor.



We laid our back on a long chair while the massager put some lotions in our feet. “Just feet, mister? You sure?” Ask my massager, a middle aged lady with a friendly face. I nod, then I look on my left Mara & Mario already closed their eyes, enjoying the soft hand of our massagers in our calf, removing all the pain.

I laid down and look over to the road. Its our last day in Bangkok and I think we doing the right thing to spend the last night just wandering around the Khao San Road. I mean, there’s just so much to see in this place; the people, the food, the street art, and we can even buy some I love khao san/bangkok written shirt for our friends back home here. You can’t get bored in Khao San Road.

“Let’s get some drink after this, shall we?”


20130607_221032_LLS30 minutes later we finished the massage. Only 120 baht and it feels soooo good. Damn I love Bangkok! Everything is so cheap here. “Sawadeekap, thank you mister,” said the massager when I gave her 150 baht.

“So, which bar?” Asked Mario. I looked around and actually I don’t have the answer. I mean, there’s a lot of bar here but everything feels the same. “Let’s not go to some place that too crowdy or too empty. and you know, find a bar where the hot guys sits,” said Mara. “Hahahaha, you naughty! Like you have the guts to approach them!” I laughed.

We then walked until the end of the road, buying some banana-nutella pancakes (only 20 baht!), a couple of squid-on-stick then we find a bar we liked. Its not to crowded and the music was good. we sit on the outer table so its easy to blend in with the action on the road.

“Let’s have a toast! To the most fun holiday ever!” I said to my friends. “Yeah! Maaan, bangkok was awesome!” “Cheers!”


“I don’t wanna be the douche, but just to be clear on monday we’re gonna have to back to work guys”, said Mario whilst he sip another glass of Tiger’s. “Duuude! We don’t need you to remind us that!”, mara, choking on her beer and start pinching Mario’s arm. “Yeaah sucks right? We have to get back to Jakarta’s traffic jam”

“…and client’s email”
“…and deadlines”
“…and client’s email”
“Hahahahahahahaha” we laughed together. “Well, for what its worth I think this three days has been one of the great holiday I ever experience. I would love to go back to this city one day,” said me, as I raise my glass.


We stayed at the bar until an hour past midnight. We reminisce our holiday, Bangkok’s overcrowded temples and the cheap stuffs at Chatuchak. But then Its getting crowded, some people are fighting, the locals and foreigner get on a fight so we thought it wouldn’t be wise for us to stay there.

So we take off from the bar, walk towards our hotel in Rambuttri Street which is only one blok away from Khao San. Its 1.20 am but almost every stall in Khao San still open.

20130607_221637_LLS“I need coffee,” mumble Mara, then she walk to the nearest 711. Me and Mario wait outside, sitting on the pavement and watch a group of people laugh uncontrollably across us.

“Are they on high?,” mario asked me. I shrugged. I don’t think they’re high..because their eyes is sober enough. “Ah,” said I, when I realized what stall they stand next to. “Those dudes just inhale the laughing gas,”. “Oh. Should we try it? They seems having a lot of fun,” said Mario. Not waiting for my answer, he stood up and walk to the laughing gas’s stall.

“What’s he doing?”, Mara, sit next to me with a cup of hot cappucino. “He wanna buy a laughing gas balloon,” I tell her, laughed. “Jeez, like those things are for real? It might be just a regular balloon. I mean, why is it called a laughing gas anyway?”, ask her as she sip her coffee. I pointed on the laughing peoples across us. “Ah, I see. Well maybe it wouldn’t harm to try, right?,”

Mario’s back with a balloon on his hand. Only 100 baht, he said. “I’ll first ok?,” he said while snuffing the air from the balloon. Me and Mara anxiously wait for what happen next, then…

“HAHAHAHAHA”, laughed Mario. His face is suddenly red. “HAHAHAHAohmyGod this is awesome HAHAHA”. Mara and I haven’t try the balloon yet but seeing him laughing like that make us laugh too. After a while, Mario finally able to control his laugh. “This is really awesome, guys….come on, try!,” he handed the balloon to me and Mara, who looked at each other.

“Ah, what the hell,” said Mara as she takes the balloon. “We only live once anyway,” she breathe in the balloon, only a bit…then she laughs away like a hyena. “Hahahaaahahahahahahhahaahahhaohmygodhahahhahahahahahhihihihihi”

“HAHAHAHA”, mario continues to laugh, handed me the ballon. “Hahahahahahaha come oooon Arga you should tryyyy ahahahahahahaha,” Mara started laughing even harder, tears come out from her eyes.

I took a sip, and I knew why this is called a laughing balloon. As soon as the air comes into my body, i feel lighter. its forcing me to laugh, and not just laugh, the ultimate laughing out loud. Hahahaha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

“See? He’s laughing he’s laughing”, cheered Mara, wipe tears from her eyes and still continue laughing, so does Mario. The sound of our laugh filling up Khao San Road, even the people start looking at us.

But we don’t care. We continue laughing, we never felt this before, the feeling of freedom, like you can fly…..then I took another sip of the balloon. Not wanting to share it with my friends, I took it until it runs out.

“Hahahahahaha oh come on, dude…don’t take them all! ” said Mario. He looked annoyed but he can’t stop laughing so his face looks funny. Hahahahahahaha. Oh my God his face look so funny. Hahahahahahahahahahahha. Funny. Fuuuuny. Funy? Hahahahahaahhahahahahahaha. Hahaha. Ahaa. Ahahahahahahahahaha.

I still laughing but my friends not, there’s horror in their eyes. They looking at me and looked so freak out? But why? I’m having fun…I’m laughing my ass off. Hahahahahahahaha. Ahahahahahahhaha. Hahahahaha.

“Arga..stop! Stop laughing” , screamed Mara. “Yeah dude, stop laughing! Your face…its blue.. Dude! Stop!,” mario grabbed my collar shirt, shaking me. Hahahahahhaha. But why? Ahhahahahaha. And Its not like I don’t want to stop. I can’t. Hahahahaha. Ahhahahahahaha. Oh my god what’s happening, I can’t stop laughing! Hahahahahahahahahahaha oh dear God why!

Next thing I know, I fell off the ground. Mara’s crying and Mario start screaming even louder. I never know our holiday would end this way.


This is my first time writing a fiction. Actually, its based on my experience last time i went to Bangkok. There’s just so much too tell from that trip but I couldn’t figure out the best way to do it, I made this story instead. Anyway, laughing gas is actually a balloon filled with Nitrous oxide (N2o).  It is known as “laughing gas” due to the euphoric effects of inhaling it, a property that has led to its recreational use as a dissociative anesthetic. It professionally used by dentist as an anesthetic drug. Its dangerous if you used it more than you should, because you can laugh uncontrollably, makes you choke to death.


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