2016: A year to Go

Damn I left this blog too long. And even worse, my last post is a cheesy piece about shattered heart (which I am totally over it right now. No, really.)

So. Happy New Year 2016! Mine start with something good and I hope so will you. When I re-visited this blog, I feel guilty for not being able to write as much as I used to. Not trying to blame anything but I haven’t travel much either these past few months.

But I was having some greatest moment in terms of traveling though. Back in September I was sent to Seoul to write about the business tourism activity of the city. Met lots of great journalists from all over Asia, build good network with them and it was a really fantastic journey eventhough most of the time I was working and don’t get to see around the city much. Seoul was my first time going out of South East Asia and it was very memorable trip, it’s a really fantastic city, great food, I hope I can come back to Seoul again someday.

Then what else…oh, for my annual birthday trip I went to Bali in October. I spend almost nothing for the trip; my airline ticket is free, I got free stays in five-star hotels (in exchange of writing) and also free transportation. So that was very relaxing, I get all the best thing a girl could have and spend my birthday on the beach all day. Got lots of surprise as well, so it was a pretty awesome day.

I think about how much I travel in 2015 compare to 2012-2014. I didn’t go out that much, not like in the previous year where almost every month I visit some place new. Aside from that my job no longer allowed me to travel as much (and I just moved to new place that even require me to stay in the city all year long), I think I just kind of lost passion to visit places.

So, for 2016.. I want to get back to that. Be more ambitious about traveling, visit new places, get out more. I end 2015 with feeling a little bit hollow inside (even though that was a good year, I had fun–perhaps even too much) and maybe going to lots of place just what the doctor ordered. I want to go back to Vietnam, see art exhibition in Singapore, celebrating my birthday in Nepal and visit more and more beach.

Happy 2016, may all our wishes comes true!

(photos will be updated soon)



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