2017, The Fresh Start

It’s the new year again. 2016 felt quite long though, as I had experience too many ups and downs. It’s like a freaking roller-coaster, I’m not sure I’m going to say that was pleasant or not.

I remember at the beginning of 2016 I just got a new job as an editor of a lifestyle magazine. It’s like a dream; I get to write about Jakarta and in English and get to meet lots of new people, attend fancy events… I also got a lot of freelancing job, made me super rich for about 5 months (I spend all the money to travel around SEA and India and HK).

Then, everything gone wrong. The magazine hit an iceberg on June and we have to stop publishing. I don’t have any income for about 3 months, then get a new job that I hate to the bones. That was depressing time, I never realized my job meant that much to me and not having one back then feels like the end of the world.

On the much brighter side, I did travel a lot last year. I went to Singapore three times, just for hunting books I can’t find in Jakarta. Then I got invited to Mumbai, and made a stopover in Hong Kong on my way back to Jakarta. Went to Bali with Pandhu before he’s getting married this year. I did an impulsive solo trip to Vietnam, doing nothing but drinking coffee and reading books and walking around Ho Chi Minh City. Then for my birthday trip, my boyfriend treat me to Bali & Jogja! It was such a pleasant time, we had fun, we visit lots of cultural places I’ve never been to in Bali before.

So that was my 2016. I just got a new job now that I’m pretty fond of. I’m still trying to figure out everything, what I want to do and my goals for the future. I’m not sure I’d have time (or money) to travel a lot this year but I do have some plans. Let’s just hope it all going well, and please no more tough roller coaster. Here’s for 2017!



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