A Long Walk To The Beach

I love a long walk on the beach.

Haha, sorry, that was an inside joke. But in all seriousness, I do love a long walk on the beach. What’s not to love? Sun burning your skin, sands melting your open toe… plus your skin gets darker and in certain market, you’ll look more exotic! Yay!

Recently, I’m longing for this long walk on the beach. I mean, I was depressed and kind of need those “FUCK YOU, YOU EVIL CUNT!” scream to the beautiful open ocean. But my stupid financial planning didn’t let me to have a holiday so I stick to lay down on my gym’s swimming pool instead. Life is hard, I know.

But hey ho, sometimes life has its way to turn itself upside down, right to left. I got a job in a-wait for it-tractor company. I was stuttered when my friend offered me this job because who the hell thought I’d be working in a farming heavy machinery company?! But she said I’d be good at it, they need someone to speak English to Japanese expats, um, yeah, weird but ok and boom I got the job.

Basically what I have to do is accompany the Japanese bosses to our farms, which spread around the country. My first business trip is to Tuban, East Java. Here’s the map.


I won’t bore you with the detail, I was at the farm, playing with tractors, getting lost in another farm, yadda yadda. On our last day, we finished early (3 pm). Our hotel is in Tuban city center, and I heard they have beach. So I thought, huh, let’s check that out.

I looked up on Waze and it says it only 1.7 km away from my hotel to the beach. Not bad. I used to walk farther than that in Jakarta.

But hell no, amigo, it’s not that simple. Somehow Waze took me to different route and even though it’s indeed, less than 2 km, it was so.fucking.long.

I walked on a street where only transformer passing by. Several time almost got killed by these giant buses. Saw a few becak on the street and this is what I like about Tuban: the becak is not agressive. No “ayo, naik becak sini!” or something like that. Or maybe they just want to see how far this city girl could walk. Hold my fucking beer. I’m trained for this!

Overall, Tuban is nice to walk around. It’s a small city, although, not the kind of city I would want to spend my old days in. The kind of small city where it’s kind of saying “here’s what we have, take it or leave it, mate.” But they do have good seafood restaurants and something that trying to copy another attraction from another city.

So, 45 minutes later, I arrived at the beach. Pantai Boom Tuban. Hmm, Boom Beach. Is it that good so it’s the BOMB of every beach in northern Java?

Ticket price is only Rp1500, btw.


The beach was utterly, terribly sad. Expectation? White sand, blue sea where I could contemplate all my problems away and letting go everything on the salt water… Nuh-uh. It was dirty, it was dark (it was fucking 4 pm and it looked like its 6!), lots of trees where I saw some suspicious couples doing suspicious things. Perhaps they were just playing chess. Positive thinking, mate.

But you know, I’m all about positivity. I decided to sat on one the bench, open my book and read. It was funny, actually. Imagine this is the kind of beach our govenrment put on the tourism brochure…Indonesia will never known to any tourist for sure.

So that was my long walk to the beach, not on the beach (I don’t mix-up the preposition, hahaha). Followed with another long walk back to my hotel, which was nicer because I took different route through small alley.

And by the end of that week, I finally get my dream beach. Story on that later.



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