Everytime somebody ask me what my favourite colour is, I always have different answer. When I was teenager; black. When I started my flirting years, it was red. If you asked me two years ago, it was blue.

Maybe unconsciously I always like the colour blue. Every time I travel, it always has blue on it; blue sky, turquoise water. Anyone who knows me well understand how much I love the sea. Let’s go on snorkeling! Let’s sleep under the sun all day!

The recent blue I love I saw it when on a business trip to a place I never been to before; Gorontalo. I was pretty scared at first because their airport was just recently open after a bit of mishap, when a plance slide off the runway because it was raining. The news I read said that it has been raining in Gorontalo for a week, probably not a good time to visit. What do you know; two days I was there it was sunny all day, the sky was striking blue. The view from the plane’s window shows no boundary between the sea and the sky, both are beautifully blue. I couldn’t be happier.

Joni Mitchell once sings about Blue.

Blue songs are like tattoos/You know I’ve been to sea before/Crown and anchor me/Or let me sail away…

Like Mitchell, I was in love with the colour of blue once, the ones in someone’s eyes. I witnessed how the blue can be playful, loving, funny, and calming, and then it turned into strange, disappointing look. That was the last time I saw the blue and I thought I could never love that colour again.

This time it wasn’t blue. It was green, with a slightly brown (or was it grey?) highlight and somehow I can feel that it contained wisdom. It looked at me lovingly yet I cannot look back. As asshole and cliche and impossible it sound (plus the fact that I probably just looking for excuses), perhaps it’s because they weren’t blue.