Hot, Steamy One Night Stand

“If you like big cities, you should see Hong Kong. It’s one of my favorite place in Asia!”

That’s what he said. So then when I had the chance (and limited day off from work), without hesitate I booked ticket to HK after I traveled from Mumbai, India.

I only have 20 hours in Hong Kong. That means not much to see. I wouldn’t mind though; all I wanted was to see the city skyline from Victoria Harbour. That’s all.

I was going to say that HK is a prove that love at first sight does exist. I do fell in love with the city just when step my foot on its land. My fondness grew gradually as I see the tall-high buildings surrounded by mountains. But saying that would be such a naiive judgement.  Actually, because I only have 20 hours in the city, it might best to describe my experience as a hot, steamy one night stand.

Because that’s what it is. A brief time in HK, I feel like falling in love with a super hot guy I met for one night stand. It’s adventurous, fun, exciting, everything looks shimmering and promising. That’s how I feel about HK; it’s like I could live there forever. The lights of the city took my breath away. I was stunned when I saw the city’s skyline from Victoria Harbour. Food? Oh God, beyond amazing. I like the weather (it was mid-march and raining all day), I like the people. I like how HK can mix the old-school with modern way. I keep thinking about how I wanted to live here someday, how I could see myself moving to HK.

But then again, everything does look perfect if you only look at it in a glance. Like the hot guy you had one night stand with, you’d think he’s the perfect guy for you. Smart, attractive and great in bed. You feel like having him as your partner in life. But that’s because you only know him briefly. You don’t know what could push his button, what makes him tick.. It all seems good and perfect, because you haven’t got the chance to know him better.
So yeah, (seems like my writing is going nowhere here) my conclusion is that I can’t judge with only one, short visit. So HK, I’ll be back for more.

((Boy I wish I could say the same for *other* things 😉 ))